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Black Cat Good Luck Club Fabric Sticker


Do you have a black cat, or love black cats, or just think it's terribly unfair to call them bad luck? This is the sticker for you, with a choice of 4 colours! These measure 3 inches square.

PLEASE READ: These aren't your average stickers! They're made of fabric, and feel a little like a canvas patch – and they're waterproof, so they stand up to outdoor uses like jackets and bags. They also have "removable adhesive", which means they can be peeled off with no damage and you don't have to commit to one sticker placement forever...but it also means, for most surfaces, they need a little extra help if you do want a strong/permanent attachment.

Bonus: I'm donating all online sales of these cat stickers to the rescue organization I adopted my sweet little black cat Luna from, at www.orphankittenrescue.com